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Black and White Copying

Black and  White Copying examples
Black and  White Copying

Black and White Copying

Rely on your local KKP experts for high quality and affordable black and white copying, printing, and finishing!

Some businesses or organizations may argue about the convenience of printing in-house everyday documents. But, when an important project is on the line, most would agree with trusting a professional for convenience, speed, and quality.

When your business needs a dependable digital copying service, KKP fills the bill. For all your high-volume printing projects, you can rest assured that deadlines won’t be missed, and quality won’t be compromised. We offer the most reliable resource for your black-and-white copy and print projects. Our capable staff and top of the line printing equipment allow us to copy large volumes in record time.

You’ll get pristine-quality prints, carefully collated and expertly bound. You can have your project picked up and dropped off. But, you won’t struggle with paper jams, toner troubles or out-of-stock issues. And, by having us handle it all, you can return to concentrating on what you do best.

With KKP’s black and white professional copying services, you will be confident delivering copies and documents to your customers. Handing out black and white crisp copies will ensure all your business messages are clear and easy to read.

We work with a wide range of materials. Our team will provide you with different options available to make sure each document always leaves a favorable impression. With deep roots in printing, we’re also adept at identifying custom solutions for you. For example, we might recommend going “premium” with your report covers and while choosing more economical paper for the inside pages. Other ideas? Brighter colour papers may be ideal for your neighbourhood flyers, while patterned or textured types will be more impressive for higher-end certificates and invitations.

Take advantage of our affordable pricing when you contact KKP. We can help with all your photocopying needs, from small projects to large and important documentation. Our software applications and printing machinery is set up to recognize and work with all type of file formats.

KKP provides fast, high-quality black and white copying and printing services and specializes in high volume copying and printing.

When it comes to getting the best black and white copies for your business, always choose the best!  Our team at KKP Canada is ready to help with all your copy and printing needs.


We have always been dealt with professionally and feel confident in our printing requirements being met whenever we deal with Veronica and Warren.
-Victor P
Our department has been using KKP for a number of years now. Not only is the work that they do of high quality but, more importantly, their service is outstanding. When I send questions to them with regards to my print jobs, I get responses in a timely manner. They are patient and understanding of all the questions that come at them. They are also willing to "think outside the box" with me. My best example is that we needed posters printed for 7 am on a Tuesday morning but the document that needed to be printed wouldn't be ready until Monday night around 9 pm. They worked with me to get my print job in hand when I needed it. I sent them the document on Monday night. One of their staff hopped into a taxi early the next morning and hand delivered the print job to me exactly when I needed it. I know that I can rely on them both in terms of the quality of their work and in terms of their impeccable customer service. I will continue to use their services whenever I have printing needs.
Ryerson University